Continuous Body Temperature Monitoring Smart Thermometer Patch

With Kidoo, you don't have to worry about your baby spiking fever at night anymore.

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Continuous body temperature monitoring. Kidoo makes you have one less thing to worry about.

Children usually develop a fever repeatedly when they get sick, the problem that worries parents a lot. Fortunately, Kidoo Smart Thermometer Patch can help you track baby’ body temperature continuously and alert you of a spiking fever.

Makes Your Smart Phone a Caregiver When Your Baby is Sick.

24/7 Measuring

Measuring the baby’s temperature, and syncing data with Kidoo smartphone app in seconds, so that you can keep track of the baby's temperature.

Fever Alarm

When the baby's temperature transcends the preset threshold, Kidoo app will alert the users immediately. Therefore, the golden hour will not be missed.

Remote Monitoring

Once your baby is along with a smart device, wherever you are, you can check his/her temperature through Kidoo app.

Temperature Record

Kidoo will generate a temperature record for your baby, which can be sent to pediatricians. Therefore, the baby can receive a more appropriate treatment.

We utilize high-precision temperature sensors with 0.05℃ maximum error in our product.

We select the chips manufactured by Apple supplier Dialog, which makes measurement quicker and more stable.
We utilize clinical temperature sensors with ±0.05℃ maximum error.

Strictly follow U.S. FDA and EU/CE regulations, making our products safer than ever.

Ultra-Low Radiation

We use the newest ultra-low radiation Bluetooth 4.0 technology, making radiation of our product 1/10,000 lower than cellphones.

Anti-Swallow Design

Kidoo's size abides the national anti-swallow design standard (31.75mm x 51.75mm). You don't need to worry your baby swallow it accidentally.

Medical Material

Using soft food grade silicone adhesives, which is bendable, comfortable, and painless when tearing out.

The thinnest patented design that gives your baby the most comfortable experience ever .


The overall thickness of Kidoo patch is less than 4mm. Even more, the front part attaching the armpit is merely 1mm, the user-friendly design makes the baby feel no paresthesia (abnormal sensation).

Low power consumption Bluetooth lets Kidoo more power saving and durable.

Low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 tech: one button cell battery inside Kidoo can last up to 1000 hours.

Temperature record lets the doctor know better about your children's health condition.

"Compared with one-time body temperature measurement, temperature record can reflect the baby’s health situation more effectively."

YuQing Zhang, M.D. Cathay General Hospital, said.

No need to worry when your baby is running a temperature anymore.